Friday, October 30, 2020

I discovered a new way of religious groups in recruiting new members

There is a new and modern way of religious groups on recruiting new members. They search for business stores' contact numbers in the internet and call them. They will ask for your email because they said they will give a  free electronic magazine to lessen stress this pandemic. Upon checking the email you will see that is their leaflet or religious magazine. Due to the pandemic they cannot give magazines on the streets.

This is what I have observed in many religious groups in the world. Each group claims they are the only saved, they have real doctrine, real interpretation, real version ng Bible, they have more power since they have many members. Different religious groups have different god/s and prophets. It depends on the person if they will use their critical thinking.

I wish if someone has a prefered faith already don't persuade them with another religion or ideology. It makes one person get turned off.

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