Thursday, September 10, 2020

Watsons mini haul

I bought these from Watsons last few days. Because I don't have stock of face spf cream anymore. I also have a pimple once in a month and I heard that cleansing pad cleans the face more than just using facial wash.

I also bought Nichido false eyelashes glue and BYS eyeliner automatic pencil because I felt like doing makeup videos again as a form of self pampering to soothe the bit of sadness that I chose not to take walks at the park because I might get sick.

I am also trying this Amira arbutin soap but the saleslady said it is not a new stock but not expired because it might change packaging. I hope they don't stop producing it. It forms many bubbles and doesn't dissolve quickly. I can see the lightening effect already. I use it only on my arms and feet because they get tanned from the sun. Before I use Amira kojic & gluta soap with the violet packaging but I cant see it in malls for a long time plus it has Kojic acid which causes long term pigmentation so I decided to stop using it.

I also bought the Luxe Organics Soothing Gel snail extract with aloe vera because it has lots of good ingredients like AHA, collagen and arbutin. Do you use it also on the face or only on body? Did it cause you pimples? I plan to use it as a body moisturizer but if go outside the house I will use a lotion with SPF.

I forgot to include here the Nivea pearl facial foam with pink packaging. It is a whitening facial wash because my face got tanned from using facial cream without spf. My face has no pimples yet eversince I used it. My facial moisturizer which is Myra E has sunscreen only. I need to find a facial cream that has spf that wont cause pimples. Have you tried the belo tinted moisturizer with spf? Did you have pimples? My face isn't ok with the Nivea face cream with spf. It is too thick my pores can't breathe and the effect is instant white like paint.

My bill is almost P800.

This is not my first time buying lots of things in Watsons.  It is the nearest store that I can find and replenish my makeup and tools stock but I won't go back to being a makeup artist unless the virus is gone. 


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