Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Thoughts this pandemic

It scares me now many are asymptomatic and there are more people in the streets. I hope the government and private companies conduct mass testing, disinfection of offices, provide shuttles for workers, disinfect shuttles and people should practice hygiene and sanitation and social distancing.

Before I am not scared but it is taking too long. New Zealand, Vietnam and Thailand said they are covid free. A lot of people are jobless and want to earn money but there is fear that they will acquire the virus if they go out of the house. But how are they suppose to eat? There seems to be no distribution of foodpacks anymore and SAP second trance distribution has long been delayed. Bills and house rental still continue. An added burden is the increase in electricity bill. Unlike in other countries there is sufficient food packs given and bills and rentals are onhold.

The Philippine government should do something. If all voters will be gone. No one will vote them in 2022.

The world is also watching on how we deal with this pandemic. The numbers of new cases just continue to increase and there is no declared available or subsidized medicine for covid treatment for the poor or masses.

The grocery cashiers and courier riders who are risking their lives just to earn little amount of money everyday, trying to make ends meet even if they know they might catch the virus from different customers. They too become vectors of the virus.

The medical professionals can also get tired knowing the quarantine began March. It seems like this is just survival of the fittest, 'matira matibay'. It is 'kanya kanya' method on how to protect themselves and survive.

I pray that God will help us. May sincere, genuine and reliable leaders arise. I hope God will give the officials passion to help the poor and a heart to feel the pain and struggles of their people. 

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