Thursday, July 9, 2020

Help Quezon city jeepney drivers

Tsuper Tulong para sa Tsuper Hero, a donation drive for affected jeepney drivers living in Barangay UP Campus. In addition to our ongoing project with UP CHK, this donation drive will benefit the non UP Route jeepney drivers living in Barangay UP Campus. These drivers are among those greatly affected by the pandemic and on-going crisis in our country. They have been asking for help along CP Garcia from cars passing by and hoping to receive any form of help from kind hearts. With this, we are reaching out to your kind hearts to help our jeepney drivers.

This donation drive aims to provide basic grocery items for them and their families. We humbly ask for your support by donating any amount to these accounts:
BPI - Susan C. Lara : 8309064276
GCASH - Alyssa Nicole Pogiongko : 09270534987 
Pay Maya - Alyssa Nicole Pogiongko : 09270534987

To also support the donation drive for our UP Diliman jeepney drivers, please check this link from UP CHK Student Council page -

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