Monday, June 29, 2020

Youtube views count even when using same wifi connection

Views can still count even using the same IP address or wifi connection when you refresh the video. As for me, I finish the song then refresh the vid. Kpop fans also do this when their idols/artist release new music videos. Some of them are diligent enough to go to other coffee shops so wifi connection or IP address are different then they remove history afterwards, They also use different accounts and different devices or gadgets. 

If there are many people viewing the vid simultaneously then more likely the count will freeze and the real count will be shown hours later. 

Sharing the link to your friends and relatives for me is ok because you are happy when your loved ones support you. We rewatch videos and or subscribe because we are entertained by the person or learn from the videos. Same in instagram, we follow people because we like their feed.


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