Thursday, July 25, 2019

Nacre Beauties' Perfect Hue Lip Stain Swatches

Nacre Beauties sent me all their shades of their Perfect hue lips stain. 💄👑 The lip stains are sealed so customers are assured they are not second hand. The picture above is after I removed the seals. Each container has 10ml of lip stain. Manufacturing date and expiration date are indicated. 

The ingredients are also indicated. Ingredients: Water, PPA, Triethanolamine, PDMs, C8H16O2, C6H5COONa, FD&C Colorant, FD & C flavor/scent.

On the upper part of each bottle is the expected color payoff. Shake the bottle well before applying the product. Most of their shades when applied on the lips are of orange to dark red shades.

They have thicker consistency than lip tints but they are not liquid lipsticks. It has better color payoff when swatched on the skin than on my lips. I think before application make sure you exfoliate your lips and then put many pressed powder on lips. It is advisable that after application (when the product is about to fully dry) pat tissue on the lips to remove the excess liquid product so that the color would show better. It tastes slightly sweet.

I'm wearing the shade Rustic on my lips.
Shade: Fleshy
Watch my video of the swatches

It is hard to remove it since it is a stain. I tried to remove it using Simple makeup remover and petroleum jelly. There is some color left until the next day.

Rating: 1-5, 5 as highest
Packaging: 5
Color pay off- 3.5
Long lasting - 4
Overall - 4


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