Thursday, June 6, 2019

Keep Your Hopes Up

There are times that challenges don't seem to end, you are deprived of opportunities than others, the weight of the world is too much to carry or carrying your own cross alone is heavy. When you thought a problem is solved but it was just a temporary relief or you feel you are just merely surviving but wants to see more.

💙 Avoid looking how fortunate other people are.
💙 Avoid looking at others' social media because people mostly post only just the good ones or pretend just to be accepted by the society.
💙 Don't count your hardships and obstacles.
💙 Think of ways to counterattack.
💙 Exhaust all resources, connections and energy.
💙 Avoid putting too much emotional energy.
💙 Think there is got to be more than these things. You haven't reached the top.
💙 These problems won't last forever.
💙 Write down your dreams and goals again. Strategize how you can achieve them.
💙 Be with positive people. Surround yourself with positive things.
💙 Avoid sad music or tv shows with scenes that would bring you back past traumas.
💙 Block thoughts that bring you down.
💙 If friends are far who could tell you encouraging words search quotes or play positive podcasts.
💙 Stop thinking you are the only one in the world experiencing hardships. Even the rich ones have their own level of hardships.

If you have a friend having a hard time, a simple question of "How are you?" is important for them. Avoid closing your doors when they tell you their stories.

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