Monday, June 3, 2019

Free Ebook download: Keep Your Employees Engaged!: Low Cost & No Cost Ways

We are happy to share that Ms. Teresa Dumadag's latest book, Keep Your Employees Engaged!: Low Cost & No Cost Ways is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD from Amazon. 

You may download your FREE copy via this link:

The book aims to help SMEs and HR professionals to keep their employees loyal and happy and to keep them motivated while working with them through low cost and no-cost ways

Aside from helping reduce the attrition rate in your company, this book will also help you:
·  make your employees happy while working with you
·  make your employees motivated and energized to do well in their job
·  save on recruitment costs (Do you know that it's more costly to recruit and hire new employees than to keep them?)
·  promote a more positive company culture
·  establish better working relationships in your company
·  promote work-life balance in your company
·  have more loyal employees 
·  create affordable and easy to implement employee programs

Feel free to share this with others whom you think might benefit from this book. 

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