Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Diana Stalder derma clinic FREE reseller program + my skin analysis

Diana Stalder derma clinic have a reseller program in which there is no membership fee. Just purchase minimum P2500 of their skincare and bodycare products and you already have 25-40% discount. Product knowledge training will be schedule per branch. Inquire at the branch nearest you.

Diana Stalder derma clinic has a skin analyzer which have values or numbers which makes data more reliable.

My results- I have dry skin, low elasticity of the skin and needs to use at least SPF 28. I need to use a better moisturizer, at least SPF 30 and product with collagen. Have your skin analyzed too.

Megamall and Gateway branches have a cafe/restaurant in which you can buy a healthy meal as low as P199 even if you are not scheduled for a skin treatment. The leafy vegetables are from their organic farm.
Thank you Diana Stalder derma clinic for the good treatment to bloggers. For more photos click here.

For collabs, product reviews, event invitations, giveaway hosting email me at demuresweetieblog@gmail.com.
You can buy Diana Stalder products in my shopee "manystuff4sale"

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