Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Olay Magnemasks Infusion Review

I was sent a parcel containing Olay Magnemasks Infusion and here is my review about is.

Olay Magnemasks Infusion: Whitening Sheet Masks

New Triple Skin Boost

1) One-Way flow. Special 3-layer design limits re-absorption of actives back into sheet
2    2) Tension-fit design. Optimal fit with special elastic substrate
3    3) Rich Actives. 1 sheet contains 50% amount of actives* in an Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence bottle. 

*  *refers to niacinamide in Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence.

What it does: Use at night and with continued usage will brighten skin for a lively, luminous glow. Awaken to the look of radiant and glowing skin.

How it works: The moisturizing formula with Pentapeptide and Niacinamide is absorbed into the skin surface to help whiten your skin while you sleep.

The box contains 5 pieces of sheet mask. Each mask has 24 grams of product. The box is holographic. It emphasizes that the product is supposedly to make your skin glow. But the packaging of the individual masks are white.


I removed after 20 minutes. I tapped the excess liquid with tissue. I was amazed to see my skin lighten in an instant. It leaves your skin moisturized without sticky feeling. There is no irritation or redness. The effect is dewy skin. I think that is the luminous glow that is in the label. There is no tacky feeling when the mask is on my face and even after you remove the sheet mask meaning the skin can still breathe.

No awful smell. The sheet mask is thick compared to common masks in the market. The liquid is not sticky.

Maybe my face is big for the sheet mask. Hole for mouth area is small it can cover half or some parts of your lips. Hole for eye area is somewhat small. The caution in the box states that avoid contact with eyes. The part for nosebridge cannot adhere properly because the mask is small for my face. If you try to press it on the nosebrifge part then the mask will cover your eye area. It didn’t cover the outer parts of my face except for the chin. It is excessive for the chin.

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