Monday, May 6, 2019

Freedom to Dream 2019 Summit: Inspiring the Filipino Youth to Dream

Viviamo! Inc., makers of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, is spearheading the first Freedom to Dream Summit on April 13, 2019 at the Red Carpet Cinema, Shangri-La Plaza. The event

is meant to inspire and encourage the Filipino youth to discover their dreams, pursue their passions, and make a difference.

7 Out of 10 Filipinos Do Not Have a Dream: A Study

The Dream Project PH, a non-stock and non-profit organization, conducted a survey
among teenagers across the country. According to the study, 7 out of 10
Filipinos do not have a dream in life. Reasons for this include discouraging words from others and lack of self-esteem, passion, and opportunities, and poverty.

Is it any wonder why many Filipinos don’t know who they are and what they should do next? Darlyn Ty-Nilo, president of Viviamo and creator of Belle de Jour Power Planner, hopes to change this. “We want to take action,” she shares,“by creating positive conversations on dreaming.” Through this initiative, Darlyn and her team hope to make a lasting change among the Filipino youth by giving them the freedom to dream.

Addressing the Needs of Filipino Youth

The Freedom to Dream summit has three plenary sessions addressing the barriers that contribute to the lack of dreaming.

The first plenary, Raising Self-Worth, aims to address the discouraging words spoken against the Filipino youth and the self-esteem issues that resulted from them. Raising self-worth means having faith in oneself and believing that they are worthy of living the life they want.

Participants hear from Dr. Gia Sison, a mental health advocate who hosts G Talks, a talk show in CNN Philippines, and Rezza Custodio-Soriano, a life coach and transformologist. Gretchen Ho, sports and lifestyle news anchor, joins them to share stories and advice on raising one’s self-worth.

The second plenary session, Igniting Your Passion, encourages participants to find the purpose and passion that excites them and invite them to have the drive to stand up and persevere despite experiencing day-to-day challenges.

Prim Paypon, Filipino Dreamagineer and founder of The Dream Project PH, and Aimee Hashim, lifestyle consultant and founder of LoveLuxe Trading Inc., speaks for Igniting Your Passion.

Finally, attendees discover how to put their dreams into reality with Making it Happen, the event’s third plenary session. Participants learn how to maximize their resources and act on their goals, despite the lack of opportunities and abject poverty. Sherill Quintana, the
multi-awarded entrepreneur behind Oryspa Spa Solutions Inc., educator, and
advocate of the Filipino Brands Can, and Jessica Lopez, Maningning Miclat Art 2018 awardee who created artworks out of milkfish bones, are the speakers for this plenary.

Multi-awarded singer-songwriter Jose Villanueva III, better known as Quest, is one of Freedom to Dream’s keynote speakers. He envisions creating a culture of sharing positivity, harnessing his talents and influence to uplift the nation.

Apart from the plenaries, there are two fast talk sessions. First is on social enterprises with successful women entrepreneurs: Mots Venturina, founder of Cancervants PH, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, co-founder and president of R2R – Designs. The second Fast Talk session is on creatives, with Abby Asistio,

Rags2Riches Inc. & Things That Matter, and Tai De Guzman, founder of Risque
Artist and Radio Host, and Wiji Lacsamana, Designer of Tattoos, Books, and singer, songwriter, and Alopecia Awareness Advocate; Kooky Tuason, Spoken Word Illustrations. These women share personal stories on dreaming big and overcoming discouragements.

Advocacy Expo and Mini Concert

Participants have access to an advocacy expo to raise awareness on a wide range of advocacies that Viviamo! Inc. supports. In fact, 100% of the net eventgoers are in for a musical treat, with a mini concert after the plenaries. proceeds will go to their chosen charity organizations. Apart from this, The concert is led by Quest, Krystle, and Abby Asistio.

Through this event, Viviamo! Inc. aims to spark positive conversations on dreaming, breaking barriers, and empowering Filipinos to live their dreams.

The summit is co-presented by The After Six Club, ChinoyTV, and BraveWorks. Major sponsors include Manulife, MyTown, UNILAB, and Wacoal. Minor sponsors include Ace Water Spa, Boocha Mama, Brownroots Creatives, BrowHaus, Celeteque, Curves, European Wellness, Fitness Gourmet, Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings, Jollibee, Qrated Crates, SM Parisian, Serenitea, Spaces, Strip Manila, StyleGenie, The House, Tokyo Finds, Witty Will Save the World, Co., and Zenutrients. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, The Farm at San Benito, The Red Crab Alimango Our media partners include Blogapalooza, PageOne Media,, MEG, and OneMegaGroup. Official Cable TV partner is DIVA channel.

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