Thursday, March 21, 2019

Review: DreamSkin Derma Soap

DreamSkin Main sent me a Derma Facial Set. One of the contents is their Derma Soap. It is a whitening and anti-aging soap. Also according to the product description it lightens blemishes. Its weights is 135 grams.

It is paraben free and has natural ingredients such as Papaya Extract, Coconut Oil and Milk. It is not a bleaching but it lightens skin. The change can be seen at least a week after using it. Since it is big, I cut it into two. I didn't feel itchy or irritated whenever I use it. It doesn't produce too much bubbles and the texture is still the same even it becomes smaller. It doesn't become smaller quickly. 

I have yet to blog the reviews of the other skincare products in this set-Skincell lifting day cream, Extreme exfoliant night cream, Flawless white SPF 20 day cream, Balancing purifying Day and night toner and White booster Day and night toner.

Also included the Derma Facial set are the following products:

White Booster Day and Night Toner
- helps to lighten and whiten complexions, fades out pigments and other skin discoloration, anti acne/pimples.

Balancing Purifying Day and Night Toner
- mildly exfoliates dry and dead skin as well pigmentation, can also control excess oil

Flawless White SPF 20 day cream
- sun blocker, UV protection, matte finished cream

Extreme Exfoliant night cream
whitening, skin renewal, micro-peeling effect

Skincell Lifting Day cream
- anti-aging, moisturizer, anti-oxidant
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