Friday, March 8, 2019

E.L.F. matte lipstick

My auntie bought E.L.F. matte lipsticks when she went for a vacation in the US. For $10 the 4 lipsticks are already in a set or in a box. It is on sale. She asked me if I want one from the four lippies. I said I want the pinkish one because the set includes 2 red, one nude or skintone and one pinkish / violet.

So this is the one that I got.

It is an automatic lipstick. You need to twist or turn it for the product to show up. It is non drying to the lips. I did not feel any discomfort. It tastes slightly sweet. It is not a creamy lipstick but it is moisturizing. It is solid or hard. The finish is not very matte but it is not also glossy. It is pigmented when you apply to the lips. 

The color is darker in reality than in photos. It transfers a little to the glass when you drink water and the inner part of the lips lightens when you eat. It is more long lasting than regular lipsticks. Other regular lipsticks almost all the product will transfer on the glass.

Since it came with the set, its price is $2. It contains more than 2 inches of the product. The price is inexpensive yet the quality is good. Too bad there are no E.L.F. kiosks in the Philippines anymore and even before I haven’t seen this product displayed on their shelves.

This is not a sponsored post.

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