Friday, February 15, 2019

Feature: Life Place Center

I'm one of the bloggers that was invited to visit and feature Life Place Center. It is located in Alfonso, Cavite. From Luksuhin market take a tricycle going to the place. Say to the tricycle driver "Barangay Sulsugin Life Place center". If you are traveling alone it would cost you P50 going to the place from the market.

Outside Life Place center
Below is my vlog about Life Center

As you enter the gate you will see benches and a fountain.

Inside the lobby is a sofa set where travelers can sit while waiting for their turn to be booked.

Life place center has a hall that you can see the surroundings because it is not enclosed with glass doors. To go to the rooms or cabins go to your right from the lobby. At the back of the lobby is also the parking lot. If you want to go to the restrooms, meditation garden and church, go to your right from the lobby.

The overall ambience of the place is it is peaceful and makes you reflect of a simple life.

Below is my vlog of inside Life Place center

Life place center have different areas in which events can take place. Clients can choose which part of Life Place they want their event to be held. At the left side of the hall is this open area that events can also take place.

The rooms.

The flooring outside is made of tiles. There is a small stairs. The windows are made of native materials. The outer part of the roof is not made of metal but inside the rooms the roof is made of metal. Aircon is not needed since at night it is very cold.

Inside the rooms you can see a chair, 2 beds and a mattress on the floor. The picture was taken right after it was occupied. There is also an attic where one can stay.

Inside each room is a toilet and a shower room.

Below is my vlog about the rooms.

For group, churches retreat and other event parties, this place is highly recommended located in Alfonso cavite, you can check their FB page belows link


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