Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Natasha 25 na Tayo: Anniversary Concert

A successful fashion show –concert was held last August 25 as celebration of Natasha doing 25 years of direct selling. Clothes of brands Freego, Mr. Lee, Mosaic, Disney Kids, Petrol and Tru were also shown through a fashion show.  Amazing performances were rendered by Piolo Pascual, Moonsar88, Aegis, Moira, Inigo Pascual, Gracenote, Neocolours, Jet Pangan, Sue Ramirez, Ian Veneracion, Shanti Dope and Andrew E. DJ Arra played beats and remixes in some parts of the fashion show. Elisse Joson, McCoy de Leon, Jessy Mendiola, Manuoevers, Hashtag and Adlib Kids had dance performances. Bela Padilla and EJ Falcon made appearances in the fashion show parts. The event was hosted by Robi Domingo. I was surprised with the electronic raffle because the prize is P25,000 to randomly selected ticket holders.

It was a night with the stars but the true stars are the direct sellers and managers of Natasha. Members who have been active for years told their stories via two videos. They shared stories of how they conquered the ups and downs of doing business and how Natasha helped them have better income.

At the end of the concert an announcement was made that The Natasha online shopping app will soon be available. Orders will be directed to the branch the buyer wants and not solely to the company. With this app selling and buying will be easier. Also the need to send hard copies of brochures to customers will be less. This is one of the ways Natasha proves that it can adapt to the modernization of shopping.

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