Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Helpful Guide to Taiwan False Eyelashes

Me wearing Taiwan false eyelashes 217
There are mainly two kinds of Taiwan false eyelashes that I use for clients- #217 and M14. I also tried using Epsa false eyelashes however the base that binds the lashes together is more wiggly than Taiwan false eyelashes and can’t stick near the lash line properly.

upclose #217 falsies
Taiwan false eyelashes are quality and affordable lashes. You have 10 pairs in a box. I bought around P60-90 per box from my online supplier plus shipping fee. If you buy these from boutiques it will cost around P100-150 depending on the thickness of the lashes. The advantage of buying directly from boutiques is you can choose which box has more uniform looking lashes.

You can use this for entourage or events attendees. Below is a video of me trying it.

If you will compare it to SN 15, it is shorter and more natural looking. SN 15 on the other has really long lashes. It can make the eyes look bigger. You can also use this for brides, proms or pageant contestants. 

SN 15

Me wearing SN 15.

Below is a video of me doing the demo or tutorial.

However I prefer more to use M14 for brides and proms. There are longer lashes than M14 than can be used for pageants.

I used M14 to my makeup client for her prom.
You can also use 218 or 219 for entourage. They are slightly longer than 217.

I hope this blog helps you if you are choosing what you will wear in events or what to use for clients. I honestly don’t wear false eyelashes on an everyday basis or when I attend blogging events. I am thankful for having long lashes. 217 is slightly longer than my lashes. If the event will be a night ball or formal event then I will wear one.

In the future I plan to buy mink lashes or other brands. I always try the products first before applying or trying them to clients so I need to save up since these lashes are more expensive than Taiwan false eyelashes.

If you are curious what false eyelash glue I use, I use Duo white. Before I use Nichido but the ends of falsies won’t stick properly. I would try other brands in the future like Fashion 21 and The Face shop.

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Note: All pictures are taken by me.

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