Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Run After Purpose

My bridal makeup client last 2 months.

When I was in college I used to counsel younger people. After graduation I worked as a teacher then college instructor. I was used to giving people advices and remind them of values. Now that I am exercising one of my passions which is makeup. It involves colors, art, creating something. Yes it is fun seeing them happy with the transformation, how I enhanced their beauty or realize that they are beautiful but most of the time I ask myself if they would remember me for a longer time or if I really had an impact in their life. People come and go with the profession I am now in. Not much attachment or friendship.

Things change. It isn't like before that I used to give talks to a larger audience, give life lessons or help a person feel better.

I am just thinking for me to feel more fulfilled maybe I should also promote that people should take care of themselves more, remind that they are beautiful, that being presentable or appearance is important, or give tips on skincare and makeup. After all looking and feeling great boosts confidence. And confidence is needed to face the world everyday.
I don't want to exist just counting how much I earn, how much I spend or how much I lack. I always want to live more than that, more than just running after money.
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