Saturday, July 7, 2018

Protect your loved ones. Avail a car insurance here in the Philippines.

People buy cars because they want to avoid the long lines as a commuter, to cut short the traveling time, and to have more security and less harassment while traveling. One should not only buy a car but also have it insured. 

I listed some reasons why you need to get a car insurance here in the Philippines:

1. Natural disasters. Here in the Philippines typhoons are more or less 20.

2. Accidents can damage your car. Protect your loved ones when unexpected things happen. 
3. Thieves are always looking for opportunities get your belongings for your car or take away the car itself. 
4. Long term investment. A car is something you can use for years so you need to take care of it for it to last. 
5. High costs of repairs. Damages whether intentional or unintentional the price of repair and acquiring new parts are expensive.

Malayan Insurance Co., Inc. has car insurance package called Malayan Automaster. It covers protection from automobile damage or theft, bodily injuries, vehicular accidents, damages directly caused by typhoon, flood, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake or other convulsions of nature, loss or damages to your vehicle arising out of riots, strikes, or malicious damage done intentionally or unintentionally by third parties. You can also have free protection for your vehicle's standard accessories such as mags, audio and components, and aircon. The package can be enhanced to cover special accessories like bullbar, CD Changer, spoilers, customized magwheels, etc. All you need to do is declare the values, and flow the formula to complete your advantage. 

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