Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Good Trade: A Zero-waste + Sustainable Fair

When it comes to changing the world, even one person can have an impact. But when it comes to doing the hard work of adjusting lifestyle choices that matter, it can often seem so difficult that we don't know where to start. This is where The Good Trade comes in.
The Good Trade gathers passionate individuals and brands that create positive social impact. More of a festival than a market, the fair combines zero-waste, ethically-made and cause-driven businesses with a fun community spirit under one awesome roof in Manila. We seek to connect, inspire and empower a community to live a lifestyle with simplicity and honesty at its core.

The event will be held at Central Square on July 21-22, 2018. Expect eye-catching designs, inspired crowd and surroundings, refillable stations, ethically-made clothes, locally sourced food and vegan skin care products.
Mission of Good Trade:
In The Good Trade, we believe that we can live a life that’s good and does good! We made it our mission to gather brands with the same philosophy so that consumers can make ethical and zero waste purchases without fuss. 
Rental rates are 50% lower than other bazaars in BGC/The Fort area.
What's more?
You'll be part of a community of passionate individuals and brands that create positive social impact. We seek to connect, inspire and empower consumers to live a lifestyle with simplicity and honesty at its core. 
We're working on fair features that are much more exciting than just buying & selling. Think: interactive photo-booth, talks and open demos. As an added bonus, YOU have an option to sponsor a talk or an open demo at The Good Trade.
Sharing in The Good Trade philanthropy means to pay it forward in our community and the world. We’ll have repair stations for those items you cherish and donation stations for those you need to dispose! 

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