Saturday, June 16, 2018

Shopping for women’s motorcycle jacket and helmet

Shopping for a motorcycle jacket is different from shopping for a piece of clothing. When we shop for a motorcycle jacket, the most important things on our mind should be the safety features, comforts, and then the look. We can’t simply just walk into a store, pick up something that we like, try it on and if it looks good on us, we will just buy it.

These days, women motorcycle riders have increased, with the majority of women riding as motorcycle passengers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a motorcycle rider or a passenger, both need safety motorcycle clothing when out riding on a motorcycle. Most of the jackets on sale are mostly men’s jackets, but thanks to the manufacturers of motorcycle jackets, there is now an increase in motorcycle jackets for women to cater to women motorcycle riders and passengers.

When choosing a men’s motorcycle jacket, it is quite a straight forward purchase because most will know their size. When it comes to choosing a women’s motorcycle jacket, most will not be able to tell the size of the jacket, because they need to try it on first. Choosing the right size depends on the brands, the cuttings of the jackets, and the body measurement of the woman biker.

When choosing the right fitting motorcycle jacket, not only do women need to stand before the mirror, but most important, she has to try it while sitting on a motorcycle in order to get a good fit. A jacket is made to be worn when riding on a bike in a sitting position and with the hands stretched out towards the handlebars. The chest and back should not be too tight and the sleeves should not be too short when the hands are stretched out. Women’s body is different from men’s body, especially when women’s body is smaller in size and with curves. A jacket should fit the wearer snugly for the padding or armour to stay in place in case of a crash.

There are many types of riding jackets to choose from and one of the popular brands is the Alpinestars riding jackets that are reasonably priced and they are made of good quality materials, and equipped with all the safety features.

Another important piece of riding gear that a motorcycle rider or passenger should have is the motorcycle helmet. When shopping for the best motorcycle helmets for women, there are 4 things you should look out for. The helmet should be of the right size, meaning that it should fit snugly and not move around your head. The helmet should be able to keep out most of the noise when you are out riding on the expressway. It should be certified to meet all the safety standards. Choose good quality helmets that are affordable.

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