Saturday, June 16, 2018

Review: GlossPh Matte Liquid Lipstick

I purchased the Go Girl shade of GlossPh's matte liquid lipstick. The tube is made of glass. The label is very girly and catchy. The tube has no seal so I hope they can put a seal. Even clear tape would do. Written on the sticker is it contains 5mL. At the back the ingredients are listed on a clear sticker.

The tube is small since it only contains 5mL. It is indicated 24M which means the expiration is 24 months after opening the tube. The wand is made of thin plastic. The applicator is easy to use.

When you look at the color of the product while holding the tube you will think it is light pink. As I swatched it on my hand it appears pink then as it starts to dry it looks dark pink. Upon drying off completely it looks more of violet. Maybe it is because I am acidic.

Before eating

After eating
The liquid lipstick feels tight on the lips or drying. I like liquid lipsticks that are lightweight. If you can tolerate the feel you can use it everyday but I would not use this to my makeup clients. I wish they can change their formula to a non drying and lightweight one.

I can see potential about this product because it is worth P200 only and it is locally made. It is very affordable. I hope they can improve the formulation. Even if the price goes higher but with improvements I would purchase it again.

Rating: (1-5, 5 as highest)
Color- 3
Long lasting - 4
Eatproof- 3
Packaging- 4
Lightweight feel - 2
Over all 2

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