Saturday, June 16, 2018

Checking out 4 wheeler parts for your Jeep

Most owners of 4 wheelers would want to modify their vehicle to suit their kind of rides and the use of their 4 wheeler. Some Jeeps are easier to modify than the others. Some may want to lift the rig, improve its traction, install larger wheels to accommodate bigger tires, change the gearing, etc.

For more enhanced off road riding, bigger tires are preferred. Before you can modify the wheels and the tires, you will have to start working on the lift and the rig of your Jeep. Safety and practicality should be the deciding factor when choosing the 4 wheeler’s off road parts to modify your Jeep.

Your off road performance is dependable on the right tires.  Off road tires do not perform as well on the street. Choosing the wheels, tires, and lift should be done together, as these parts influence one another. Method race wheels consist of solid steel wheels to the hottest new alloy and forged-style wheels. There are top brands providing Jeep and truck wheels at the most affordable prices.

When it comes to off road riding, one of the most essential component of your Jeep to consider is choosing the right tires as they are the only parts that come in contact with the road. Always make sure that the tires are filled with the right air pressure. When tackling the off road terrain, follow the route that gives you traction and clearance over obstacles. Try to keep the vehicle as level as possible to get more traction on more tires’ surface. With little traction, it is harder to move forward.

Off road tires have thick, deep treads. The exposed edges of the tread are designed to dig into the soft ground to give more traction, providing maximum grip on loose surfaces. Off road tires are designed to be used with low inflation pressure on difficult terrain, giving them flexibility to allow the tread to better conform to the terrain.

Jeep owners may want to change their Jeep tops. Some prefer the hard tops while others prefer the soft tops. Hard tops are solid and stronger, and they are more durable than the soft tops. The hard tops also provide more insulation, protection from the cold weather or the harsh sun. Hard tops keep the noise out, and provide more security and protection from thefts. If you need to remove the hard tops, you will need some assistance from a helper.

Soft tops can be easily removed, they are portable, and require less storage space. Soft tops provide less protection and they are not able to keep the noise out. Soft tops are less durable and need replacement very often.  Soft tops are very much cheaper than hard tops. For those living in areas with four seasons, then it is advisable to get both the hard and soft tops.

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