Sunday, May 20, 2018

Protecting your family and home from burglars

Prevention is better than cure. This phrase is also true for home security. It is better to take safety measures to protect our home and family before a burglary happens. Even the best home security is not 100% reliable, but at least it will deter would be burglars from targeting our home and family. Thieves do not want to waste time trying to break through layers of defences to enter our homes.

The multilayers of defences will help deter and discourage intruders and burglars from breaking into your home. Here are some simple tips to protect your home and defend your family against burglars.

·        Make sure all doors and windows are secured with good quality grills. When the windows are opened in the day for fresh air, the grill will prevent intruders from coming through. Always make sure that all doors and windows are locked especially at night.

·        Invest in good quality solid wood doors complete with decent locks to delay and prevent easy access for the intruders.

·        Install a motion sensor spy camera for home if your house do not have a home security alarm system. These self-installed spy camera systems are affordable and they are effective to detect and inform you if an intruder is trying to break through a window, the external door, or any of the areas you have protected, including your front porch areas and gate.

·        Do not hang any house keys or car keys that can be easily seen and hooked through an opening in the window.

·        If you love dogs, get a loud barking dog to sound the alarm and keep intruders away day and night.

·        Place weapons for self defense at strategic places where you can easily reach for in times of need. If you have little kids, make sure that these devices are place beyond their reach. No one wants to have a confrontation with a burglar inside your house. As far as possible we try our best to avoid it. Be prepared in case if one managed to break through the safety defences and gained access into your home. Make sure that you know how to use the weapons or devices and not waste time figuring out how to use them in times of emergency.

-        A taser to temporary stun the intruder from a safe distance to give you time to knock him out unconscious or flee to the next room to give you time to call for help. There are many types of tasers for sale online and these are non-lethal weapons.

-        Always make sure that your mobile is fully charged and placed within easy reach when you sleep.

-        A baseball bat can be used to protect yourself or can be used to knock an intruder unconscious.

-        An aerosol spray to temporary blind the intruder.

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