Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Feature: Diana Stalder cafe

Diana Stalder by Dermaline doesn't only promote skincare but also healthy diet. They have their cafe in the Gateway branch and SM Megamall branch. While waiting for your turn you may eat at affordable prices. According to Ms. Diana herself it is only around P200. Massage services should be availed before eating.

The ingredients they use in the cafe are from their farm in Laguna so the ingredients are guaranteed organic and fresh.

They also sell calamansi juice and guyabano juice.
About The Company

As skincare centers continuously proliferate in our local market, most may consequently find it difficult to discern one from the other, as almost everyone generally hype about similar beautiful skin advocacies, leaving consumers with no perceived differentiating values. Not wanting to short-change clients with basic expectations, Diana Stalder, goes way beyond the promise of delivering beautiful skin through aesthetic means, as it innovatively incorporates the science of dietary nourishment to guarantee better results.
Such concept of holistic skincare was borne from the dynamic vision of Diana Stalder’s President & CEO, Dina Stalder, who empathically values healthy diet supplementation in better addressing various skin issues. By combining both methods, more clients can now experience more positive results, since most skin concerns are not exclusively triggered by external factors, but adverse internal conditions of the body, as well.
Since the holistic system could not be effectively conducted within the limited confines of a typical skincare center, Ms Stalder then established the dS Cafe to comprehensively serve as a nutritional diet haven for Diana Stalder patrons.
With its establishment, the dS Cafe had now gained prominence as a healthy food and beverage hub, offering a variety of low-calorie, skin-friendly food, consisting mainly of organic greens, protein-rich dishes with fibrous brown rice, zesty healthy sandwiches, and fresh fruit juices. It is, in fact, the only skincare center in the country that offers a distinctive health refreshment lounge to give clients utmost comfort and skincare boost.
Diana Stalder’s Cafe also provides an opportunity to showcase Ms Stalder’s exclusive IP Weight Loss Program, which combines methods from the Ideal Protein products of Canada, with her personally developed diet regimen that utilizes precisely measured alternative food sources, customized to clients’ profiles and lifestyles, to effectively help them shed unwanted pounds in just a few days or weeks. Several industry professionals proudly attest to this program’s positive results, and is no wonder why she also earned the monicker, “Coach Dina”, from satisfied clients.
Furthermore, with Ms Stalder’s devotion to alternative healing methods, she is set to include an organic juice bar, in partnership with Cebu’s famed Healing Present & Wellness Center, which utilizes nature’s organic produce in preparing healthy juices that detoxify and cleanse the body. These so-called “Healing Juices” were proven to have cured numerous people suffering from various health disorders, including serious conditions like cancer and kidney disease, while also helping eliminate the need for maintenance medications. Simply said, Diana Stalder clients will not only look great but definitely, feel great as well.
With Diana Stalder’s holistic mission, one will not only savour better looking skin, but reap the add-on benefits of a healthier skin and body, consequently, living up to its promise of a better you.

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