Friday, March 16, 2018

Me as Hair and Makeup Artist for 2 days in City of Dreams

I got a makeup client from a referral. Actually she is supposedly just one but I asked her if there are other officemates who will be needing my service so the time will be worth it and I still accommodate those who need me. These are two days consecutive and I have to travel to and fro. Luckily, I got two clients. On the first day there is another extra client so I got three. ^_^

It is isn't easy having 3 clients in 3 different rooms in Nobu Hotel. The time waiting for the golf car, waiting for the elevator to open and also waiting for the next client to arrive also consumed time. 

From City of Dreams I rode a golf car going to Nobu hotel. There is an elevator beside the Casino but bags are not allowed inside plus I don't have any keycard. The key is also needed inside the elevator.

The first event is the company's awatds night. And the second one is the company's musical play Grease. During the second day I only got two clients in 2 different rooms.

Inside the bathroom of each room you can see a wooden chair/bench that you can place infront of the mirror which has 2 lights on the side so that makes it like a vanity mirror. A hair blower is also already inside the bathroom. However one of my clients said it seems like the robes don't get to be changed or replenished everyday..

On top of the table infont of the TV are bottles of water, glasses, and I think I also saw some coffee, creamer and kettle.

The view from the 8th floor is breath taking. I saw the circular swimming pools, one on the left and one on the right. It is like a painting and I am convinced that City of Dreams landscaping was really planned. Ahahaha You cannot see this garden from the outside because it is secured by the walls of COD. You cannot also see the whole view if you are booked in a room at Upperground.

I thank my client for taking a picture of me with the view at the background. I am happy that I get to help people look and feel good while visiting expensive place like COD.

City of Dreams garden and pools at the background

The reception of Nobu Hotel has a wifi, also the wifi is still connected when you go inside the rooms. One thing I didn't like about the lobby is it is quite hot. Also there is no moving air. Maybe the aircon is on but due to the hot weather it is not so effective or the temperature setting is not so cold because there are few people in the reception area by the way but inside the rooms of Nobu hotel it is cold.

When there are people waiting to get booked the sofas are not enough. I am also not satisfied with the quality of the sofa because I saw some dirt on it. It is really disadvantageous if the sofa is made of cloth. Plus bedbugs can easily live in sofas made of cloth.

Me at Nobu Hotel reception area

What I like about Nobu Hotel and City of Dreams in general are the staff because they are kind and will attend to your needs and questions. You will really feel that you are welcome in the place. However one of my clients had a hard time booking even though the company already reserved rooms. 

The videos below are my vlogs about my 2 days work there. 

Day 1

Day 2


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