Sunday, December 17, 2017

Review: BYS brow gel

There are few makeup brands and stalls near my area. The nearest is Watsons and Watsons only care very few brands. I was looking for a brow gel or pomade and decided to invest in BYS which costs almost P400.

The packaging makes customers assured that it is not opened or second hand. It is made from China which is I am quite surprised because the saleslady said it is an Australian brand. I still have to check if it is FDA approved.

It is very pigmented. A little product goes a long way. You need to blend it quickly or else it will dry fast. I bought the shade Brunette after the convincing powers of the saleslady that it is the most versatile one. Well I would say it is really dark and appear grayish black in camera.

It is waterproof and does not cause irritation on my eyebrows. I do not use the brush on top of the case. I use an eyebrow angled brush.

I would say I need to buy a better pomade due to color and blending issues.

Rating: 1-5, 5 as highest
Price 4
Blendable 4
Pigmented 5
Color 4
Waterproof 5


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