Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Blogapalooza 2017

Blogapalooza is like a job fair for bloggers. Companies promote themselves and try to get bloggers contact information so they can invite them to blogging opportunities. Companies who were present were Rappler, Paymaya, Gomotoph, Trulalu, Paypal, Beauty N Butter, Veer, Victoria's court, Coke studio, Alfox printing, AAP Analytics and Whizer. 
Bloggers should be ready with their calling cards and extra eco bag. The freebies were mostly drinks so I gave the others to some bloggers. 
It is a fun event as bloggers that I just see online are physically there. You need to be friendly. I approach some of them even if they do not know who I am.
There were also talks about blogging.There were mini games where you can win prizes like candies, tumbler, notepad, pouch, etc.
I will make separate videos about the talks of Instagrammers Louise Delos Reyes, Kim Cruz and Joyce Pring on how to deal with bashers, how they started having followers, etc.
I hope more brands will be there next year.
Watch my vlog below.

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