Thursday, November 9, 2017

Review: Crystal Infinity Products

Crystal Infinity gave me some of their products. I tried them for a few days.

First I will talk about the UA Derm Skin Lightening Deodorant. It is a spray. I used it for three days because I feel itchy about one hour after spraying it on my skin. I does decrease the appearance of chicken skin but it cannot act as an anti perspirant deodorant. Since it is made of some natural ingredients, the odor might be different when applied on the skin. I stopped using it after 3 days.

I used the Gluta Peeling soap for about a week. I can see that my skin is getting lighter. My skin exfoliates faster than the usual. It exfoliates is every other day. I can feel some irritation while it is on my skin but after washing with water the slight feeling of pain goes away.

I am currently using the overnight repair cream. I have been using it for almost a week on my elbows and knees. It lightens my skin but not drastically. You can feel a slight tingling sensation right after applying it. The tingling sensation is bearable and gradually goes away after a few minutes but it depends on the user whether to continue using it or not.

Over all the ingredients of each product compose of more of natural or organic ingredients. However I would say that maybe the products are not just for me. Anyway there are more products that you can see and try from Crystal Infinity. ^_^

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