Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thinking of studying in a makeup school? here are my advices

I would suggest that before you enroll you need to invest first in other personal or basic makeup workshops. Also watching demos from makeup brands youtube channels or professional makeup artists also helps. As to what I have observed you need to have knowledge and experience before entering a school. I have read that there are schools that guide their students well. Attending advanced makeup workshops are also not advisable if you are clueless about makeup application. You will get overwhelmed or confused with the many makeup brushes and products.

As to what I have observed makeup techniques differ per makeup artist and makeup school. Others start to draw their brows from the upper middle part while others prefer it from the inner corner below the brows. I would not say that one technique is right from the other because they are comfortable with that technique. Makeup schools also differ by specialty or forte. You should also find the ways where in you can work easier. Techniques also differ with the look you want to achieve.

Makeup preferences also differ per culture. In Korea they prefer a dewy finish while Western makeup prefers a matte finish. Here in the Philippines many prefer matte because the weather is hot and you can get oily easily.

The key is constantly practicing and finding out quality products.

Below is my vlog when I studied in Maquillage Professionnel makeup school.


  1. I initially wanted to go to makeup school, but for now I'm going with just watching online tutorials and experimenting on what will work best on me. Thank you for the tips! :)


  2. There are makeup workshops too. I suggest you attend. Right now I'm just preventing myself from attending all of them. Makeup freebies in the lootbag can be tempting but you should buy effective products than aiming for the surprise items in the lootbag.


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