Friday, October 6, 2017

Review: Nicole Cosmetics Lipstick

shades (from left): Confessions, Satisfaction, Cupid, Wonderwall, Ironic

The trend nowadays are organic products. This local brand of lipstick is one of them.

On the box the ingredients are listed and stated that it is cruelty free and made from natural ingredients


Having a box prevents other customers to use the product before purchasing them. The box is very pretty and colorful. However the white lipstick sometimes goes off leaving the lipstick exposed. You can read the name of the shade at the bottom of the white case.


All of the shades are pigmented especially when you apply it on top of dry skin (no lip balm). It is semi matte/creamy matte, long lasting and light weight. After I ate, only a little part goes off. It is not transferproof.

My favorite shade is Cupid. I have only 5 shades. There are 3 shades that I lack (Vamp, Twisted and Hypnotize.

This sells for P500 per tube and is available in Contents: 4g or 0.14 oz.

For me it is a good buy since it seems paraben free. It also have vitamin E. However it has Soybean seed extract so to those with Soybean allergy then you might to avoid this or if you want you may try this first on your hand than directly on the lips.

shade: Cupid
According the company's Instagram: Cupid is a good shade for fair people. Well my skin is not that fair but it fits me.

To know how the shades look like on the lips, watch the clip below:

Rating (1-5, 5 as highest)
Natural Ingredients - 5
Long lasting - 4
Transferproof -3
Packaging -3
Over all-  4


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