Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Review: 3W Clinic Powder

I bought the 3W clinic powder shade #21 because my Innisfree powder ran out. I wanted to try another Korean brand loose powder. It contains 30g and I bought it for P250.


It has a box so you are assured that it cannot be opened quickly by other customers. It also has a seal inside the sifter. It contains a medium puff inside. It is bulky if you bring it everyday inside your bag so you need to transfer some amount in a smaller sifter.


I thought it would look so white on my skin but once you spread it, it is like translucent. However, it is not long lasting after in less than an hour my face starts to get oily even if I am dry to normal skin. I also touch my face to feel if the product is still there. In less than an hour the powder goes off.

If you are using liquid foundation, it is better to put powder foundation then you can place this product on top. I would not recommend that you use it alone especially during hot weather.

It is lightweight and would not put a white cast in your selfies but I haven't tried it when using a camera with flash.

Long lasting - 2
Packaging - 5
Contents - 5
No white cast - 4
Over all - 2

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