Friday, August 11, 2017

DIY makeup palette/case

Buying a magnetic palette case is quite expensive plus you cannot find them in nearby stores. Some online stores sell them but the price is like already an eye shadow palette.

You may follow these 3 easy steps:

Empty Plastic Pencil Case
Double Sided Tape or Gluegun and Glue stick

Step 1:  Wash the pencil or crayon case. I purchased white translucent ones for it to look neutral and for me to have a quick view of the colors it contains. Plastic is a good choice because it is not heavy. Metal ones might rust easily. Just make sure the plastic does not smell sour or acidic. I think if it stinks it might have high lead content.

Step 2: Place double sided tape on the bottom of the lipstick or eyeshadow pots. You may also use gluegun and gluestick for the pots to stick to the case. The problem with glue stick is the pots may not be on same levels or elevation. The dadvantage of using glue stick is it adheres more than double sided tape. I used double sided tape and sometimes that the pots moved when I brought them to a makeup gig but thank goodness they did not fall.

Step 3: Cut out the original label and paste or tape it on top of the case.

And there you have it. Just like this one that I made.

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