Monday, April 10, 2017

Try this Clothing Subscription Box

Have you heard of makeup subscription boxes? Why not try a different subscription box?

Stylegenieph is a styling and clothing subscription box.

Take the quiz and be surprised what clothes Stylegenie picked for you. The quiz is just easy and fun to answer so stylegenie would have a glimpse of your fashion taste.

I'm wearing the gray pants from Stylegenie. It is the new trendy pants nowadays. I wear more of fit jeans and leggings but I appreciate this one because it looks good on me.

You can also try this pants with a spaghetti on top or fit tshirt or blouse. Its length or the hemline is below my knees. You can wear it as a high waist pants.

I let my friend wear this black long blouse from Stylegenie. The top is loose and the sleeves is upto the elbows. Even the sleeves are loose. You can also wear this blouse with light colored maong shorts.

Use code stylegeniexds upon checkout to get 10% discount. Boxes prices start at P899. If you want to have clothes and makeup from Saladbox then try Surprise salad P1399.

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  1. Is stylegenie only ship in Philippines? ^^ It's such a nice idea to have a subscription box for clothing. Anyways, i love the culotte pants they are my current faves nowadays. ^^


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