Sunday, February 19, 2017

Poor Treatment to Media Bloggers at a mall show

I support artists who are talented but have very limited resources for promotions. However I also believe that handlers and organizers should treat media people properly.

End of January, a member of Hanry Events asked for my help as kpop group AxisB will have a Philippine tour. These are my 'friends' from a fandom.  The Philippine manager, a member of UP Otakufest, asked me to search for guesting, sponsorship and also gather at least 10 bloggers for the presscon of AxisB February 16, 2017 4-5pm and sent an email containing the press release article.

She said media bloggers will be considered as media partners, will be included in PR materials and will be provided with light snacks. I sent the artist's profile to bloggers and stated that I am not compensated for this project and had the same 'privileges' like other bloggers. I understand if they would decline due to no token (cash/gift cert). I was able to get 7 bloggers.

Days before the event I called the organizers to edit the press release article and include detailed schedules per city. They agreed to do so but no revision was made. I researched their schedule over the internet but didn't make changes as the Philippine manager said the original press release should be posted.

The press release article was posted by the bloggers before the event.

Presscon canceled

Three days before the event I called Hellokpop's contributor to ask if they know further details of the press conference. She said the mall did not allow a press conference before the actual mall show and fan meeting which will start at 5pm. Media will ask questions after the first performance of the show. The Philippine manager did not even inform me of this but hellokpop was informed a week before. I sent a message to the Philippine manager asking if there are changes. The organizers should inform me of the changes.

Poor Treatment to Media Bloggers


I was surprised to see that the light snacks were only 1 mamon and 1 bottle of water. Two bloggers were not given snacks. One of the bloggers was seated far from me and informed me after the event while the other one was seating next to me. I told the Philippine manager twice or thrice during the event. I was given another bottle of water before entering the conference room but I gave it to one of the bloggers and I also gave my mamon to one of the bloggers.


I sent the list of bloggers to the organizers days before the event.

One comment from the bloggers is attendees should register by filling out a notebook. It is not even computerized. She feels quite offended because the people in the registration are keeps on asking "Ano yun?" (What's that?) after she introduced herself as a media blogger. Hopefully the word "ano yun" doesn't mean "sino ka ba?" (Who are you?)

Program Flow

Before the event started organizers listed 2-3 questions bloggers one to ask. After the first performance the host asked questions to the group. These questions are not from bloggers. Another song was performed. The host asked questions again and this time these questions are from the bloggers. I wonder why bloggers were not given the chance to ask AxisB.

Cross Deal not Fulfilled

Media bloggers were not mentioned during the event. After the event I sent messages to the organizers to mention us as media partners to future shows but no response.

No PR kit

I have been asking for PR kit to be given during the show but whenever I ask that no response. I do understand that a rookie group needs more income for further promotions but how can media partners promote something we do not know.

No selfie with AxisB

Many songs were peformed. The organizers told me there will be photo opt at the backstage before the fan meeting. The media waited but to our surprise Axis went on the stage for the fan meeting.

The media had a group picture with AxisB before the fan meeting started.

The organizers told me there is a media after the event. I asked the blogger if they are willing to stay longer but can leave if they want to. Media stayed for hours before they were able to meet AxisB inside the conference room of Robinsons Forum.

Fans were able to do handshake with AxisB but media had no chance. We are media partners and promoters of the artist. We are not strangers or gate crashes.

I apologized to the bloggers as we make our way out and explained that this is my first time to work with the organizers.

As the media time is about to end I asked the media bloggers to line up for the selfie with the group. AxisB was posing with me already but the Philippine manager cut it out.

Media bloggers were not allowed to take selfie with the group during media time. Agencies should allow their new artists to have selfie with media if they want their artists to be promoted well. Creating barriers will make the artists look unapproachable.

I received an email from the contributor of a website (Hellokpop) yesterday questioning why their website should come with bloggers.

Bloggers observed proper decorum and allowed the correspondent to finish interview without interruptions. Total silence cannot be achieved in a very small room. Bloggers shouldn't be blamed because the correspondents was given a chance to take video and interview the artist.

Media bloggers were not informed by the organizers of the requested for exclusive interview. There is no contract to prove that arrangement. Bloggers were allowed by the organizers enter the conference room.

Bloggers have attended many press conferences and interviewed many artists in the past.

Any blogger who discriminates other bloggers is just insulting himself/herself.

Other websites inside the conference room should not use the videos taken by Philippine bloggers. Questions asked by Philippine bloggers and answers from AxisB should not be written by other media partners.

I got informed that way back 2013 there was an event in Manila by Otakufest, Media were not given food and token and the event lasted until night time. UP Otakufest is from Cebu. I graduated from year 2011 but from another UP unit. Otakufest please practice Honor and Excellence.

I am writing so that you can improve. I will not write this if the treatment is good. You cannot expect bloggers not to react because we are also humans.

Handlers should invest in promotions if they want their artist to gain fame.

I am disappointed that I was not even introduced to AxisB by my 'friends'. I even brought a rechargeable fan for the artists because a member of Hanry Events posted they need one. I did out of sincerity and not for exchange of picture or proper treatment.

Please take note that this post event write up is also a compilation of the review and complaints of the bloggers who attended the event. As the one who made the bloggers to sign up in the event I need to write this. Feel free to contact the other bloggers.


  1. That's horrible. You made effort to bring those bloggers so I think you feel guilty about the event. I hope I won't be writing something like this in the future but we can't deny this happens.

  2. So sad to hear bloggers being treated as patay gutom. I also encountered a familiar experience. Meron pa nga sabi ng organizer "Ok lang yan basta pakainin lang mga yan ok na". Sosyal sosyal pa sya isa lang pala sya trapo. Ipaglaban ang basta nasa taama.

  3. They're definitely rude to bloggers. I hope they could understand what's the difference of media and a blogger. What an unprofessional etiquette, indeed. :(

  4. Can you please also post in here the screen captures of your conversation with the handlers/organizers/ph manager or whoever they are, who asked you to bring atleast 10 bloggers? Also if anyone really did told you that you are indeed the "official" media partner? Posting something like this which can tarnish people's reputation is something serious. As part of the media, as what you've called yourself, you should know that you should be transparent to everyone and not just post something which only shows your side of the story.


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