Monday, January 30, 2017

Save Money in Online Shopping using Groupon

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Online shopping now is becoming a trend due to the hectic schedule and bunch of work we need to do everyday. When we are not in work we need to do things at home like chores and for parents help their children with their assignment. We have less time to go to the market to buy our needs for example new clothes for an occassion we are invited to attend. For me choosing a new top alone takes me 1-2 hours going into all the stores and scanning all clothes then comparing which one can suit my budget, style and use.

Online shopping helps us save time but we also need to spend wisely. Groupon is an online site where you can find 74,979 free coupons at 11,462 stores.

I listed advantages of using Groupon:
1. You get the product in lesser price but the quality is still the same,
2. The money you save can still be used to purchase other things you need.
3.  You cannot find the coupons in other sites.
4. Thousands of stores are already in groupon. All you have to do is tyoe the product on the search bar.
5. There are different features like Clearance and Student Discounts.
6. Groupons do not only have coupons for clothes stores but also coupons for different kinds of products like books, toys, mobile phones, etc. There is alaso list at the Categories section and also the special events are listed like weddings, Valentine’s day gifts, labor day, etc.. Searching for coupons is a lot easier.
7. There is a Free Shipping day so you save up more money .

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