Friday, January 20, 2017

Review: Pop Beauty's Permanent Pout (Liquid Lipstick)

Glamourbox Ph sent me a Pop Beauty last week. One of the contents is a liquid lipstick. I got so excited to try it. I watched a video in Youtube how to apply liquid lipstick like a pro. The vlogger used a lip brush to apply the product from the wand. After she applied concealer on the edge of the lips which I didn't do. I am contented on how I applied it.


It is color silver. I think it is made of thin metal or is it just metal coated. The inside is made of plastic. Some may prefer having a transparent tube so they can see how much product is left.

The wand glides smoothly on the lips. I suggest the use of lip brush instead of wand to avoid excess use of product.

One tube contains 4.8mL and can be bought at P750. Below is a picture of the swatch of the shade Razzle Rose. I am happy that Glamourbox sent me a shade that is my liking.

The liquid lipstick dries in a minute. Even if scratched the color doesn't fade so I think it is kissproof. It is smells slightly sweet.

I prefer  applying lipbalm before using any liquid lipstick because the lips would feel very dry but the pictures below I didn't apply lipbalm before the liquid lipstick.


Packaging 5
Kissproof 5
Shade 5
Consistency 5
Smell 5
Overall 5

To readers have you used this product before? You may write your experience/review below. ^_^

I will be reviewing the other products in the next few days.

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