Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Christmas Decorations in Los Banos Laguna

Thank goodness there are tourist attractions here. Thank you for the ones who set up the decorations. Families were able to create more memories. People don't need to come to malls in the Metro just to take pictures.

I do not know who funded the display beside 88 Spa in Bagong Kalsada Calamba Laguna but I am quite sure the cake looks like a Mernel's cake. I am happy to finally see the moving buko pie.

For the first time the Edible Garden in Horticulture part of UP Los Banos was decorated with Christmas balls and lights. The gate was closed so I was not able to come inside.

But I was able to take pictures during the day.

UP Los Banos Christmas tree and Christmas decorations is to look forward to every year. During lighting ceremony there is a free concert at the Carabao park however I was not able to attend even one for the past years.

Below are my pictures December 2016.

Honestly I like the decorations last year 2015.

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