Wednesday, December 7, 2016

TayoNa: The first and only Pinoy Social Site

The first and only Pinoy Social Site TayoNa was launched on November 25, 2016 at QCX, Quezon City with the theme: "SELFIE GENERATION for SELFLESS GENERATION".  

The TayoNa Team (from right to left) Mr. Frederick R. Puno, Director / IT Head;
 Atty. Arthur C. Corpuz as the Chairman/CEO; Ms. Arlene de Vera, Director/Marketing Manager; Mr. Dexter T. Banastao, Mobile Developer; Ms. Liwayway A. Benitez, Sales Consultant; Mr. Manuel G. Eviota, Director/COO; Ms. Jade O. Bernabe, Director/Social Media and Brand Manager;-and  Mr. Andrew S. Eduarte, Graphic Artist (not in the picture).
The website is so called TayoNa, meaning "Let's Go", as a call to action for all Filipinos to take more active participation in nation building.  

What is

The website or simply “TayoNa” was created as one of the means to accomplish the mission of TayoNa to help elevate the socio-economic standing of Filipinos and has been designed with the following features:

¨1. TayoNa is a Social Networking Site that is proudly 100% Filipino made. As a PINOY SOCIAL SITE, it tries to capture the Pinoy “kiliti” by having “Selfie”, “Groupie” and other themed photo contests. And members can enjoy for free the usual features of social sites such as chatting, video and photo upload, wall postings etc.

¨2. TayoNa is a tool for Socio-Economic empowerment  for members and businesses. 

Being a TOOL FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT makes “TayoNa” different because aside from the individual benefits derived by its members, the site is used to support noble causes such as regular and sustained scholarship program with the “SELFIE FOR A CAUSE” campaign or the salute to Filipino Workers (local and overseas) using the “SIPAG PINOY” campaign etc. 

The basic feature of the site is e-gift giving or sharing, where the gift giver automatically receives “Wish Gems” which can be used to “wish” for prizes such as “educational assistance”, plane ticket, gadgets etc. At the same time, the gift recipient is automatically credited with “Points” which can be used to send eGifts in order to earn Wish Gems. 

3. TayoNa is a Social Advocacy, a movement of Filipinos for social change towards a better society. TayoNa is hoping to turn the SELFIE GENERATION into SELFLESS GENERATION for better Philippines.

Why was TayoNa created?

TayoNa was created with the hope that Filipinos will realize that the task of nation building is every Filipino’s duty. Every body should contribute for better Philippines.

That is precisely why Tayona exists and will serve as a Pinoy platform for all patriotic Filipinos who similarly embrace this noble cause. Thus:   
“TayoNa is very optimistic that Filipinos can achieve better lives which we truly deserve. We truly believe that the Filipinos can, and only we Filipinos can help ourselves and our country.” 

Mr. Manuel Eviota COO
 Atin ito. Pinoy Ito. Kayang kaya Ng Pinoy. Tayo Na!

 Why should Filipinos Join TayoNa?

-It costs nothing
-It provides benefits for yourself, your family, friends and community all for free.
- It is a contribution to nation building
- If you love your country and care to contribute, join TayoNa and share it with your family and friends.  
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