Monday, November 14, 2016

Kabuhayan Expo 2016

Various SMEs and LGUs attended the Kabuhayan Expo November 11-13, 2016 at SM Megamall Tradehall.

Ms. Sandy Sanchez Montano, the first ASEAN woman leader, gave a talk at the closing ceremony. She emphasized that during calamities the relief goods given are canned goods and noodles which are of low nutritional value. She gone to a place hit by a typhoon but surprised that the people there do not need relief goods because they produce their own food.

According to DOST, camote, cassava, malunggay and monggo are variants that are resilient or can withstand harsh weather. ORAC test results also showed that Malunggay (157,000) is more potent than Spirulina with only 61,900.

She tackled the ABC's in ASEAN Collaborate -> Audit (Money and sience and technology) -> Build ->  Tech transfer -> Collaborate

me with Ms. Sandy Montano


Lingap Award (for Best Social Product) La Sagesse Foundation from Pasig City
Katakamtakam Award- Antipolo City
Bighani Award (Fashion Accessories)- Zara Juan
Best New Product Award- Kaayo. Features products from Lake Sebu

Best Booth Design Awardees

3rd Place- Tatak Kenyo from Bulacan which features food like Fishball, Bibingka
2nd place - Ilocos Heritage which features Abel Fabric

1st Place- Quezon Province

I was fascinated by the different products in each booth. It shows that every province can offer specific goods. I felt like I traveled the Philippines in just one day.

Products I Love

Malunggay tea free taste. It is slightly sweet.

Tablea (Chocolate) cooking at CHEERS booth

Big Scrabble Letters at Silya, Elektrika at abp booth

Airplane made of metal and wood at Silya, Elektrika at abp booth

Items I Received

Luyang Dilaw and Coco Sugar

From CHEERS booth. Ms. Sandy Montano told the audience that there were 250 copies printed as freebies. She encourages shoppers to bring their own bag than using plastic bags.

My Luyang Dilaw Tea Review

I added 4 tablespoon of the granules to half cup water (mug). The granules has sugar already. It is like tea. There is no after taste and sting. It is not spicy or hot but I can still taste the ginger.

me at the Kabuhayan 2016 expo
Official media partner is Light Network Channel 33, "Magaan dito Kaibigan"

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