Saturday, October 8, 2016

Reviewed: EB Brown Eyeshadow Palette

A friend gave me Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette and I tried it.

It consists of a highlighter, light pink, light brown, brown and black eyeshadow.

It has an eyeshadow applicator and small mirror inside.

The shades on the skin looks okay.

The highlighter looks promising but it has some large sparkles.

For the pictures below I used light brown as base then darkbrown for the outer shade but they didn't blend well. I used the highlighter for the eyebrows but it didn't look good.

The eyeshadow particles fall off so for me it is not good. It is best to use it one eyeshadow color than mixing two colors. The light pink and light brown are not pigmented so you can use it everyday. For the darker colors they are pigmented.

Once I used just the light brown for a normal day and it lasted only 1-2 hours.

Rating: 1-5, 5 as highest
Pigmented - 3
Consistency - 3
Color -3
Case -4
Long lasting - 3
Overall -3

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