Friday, October 14, 2016

Review: Mamonde Rose Water Toner

I received a sample size of Mamonde Rose Water from Mei Satsuki online shop during a makeup workshop.

It is a gentle toner. It has a nice smell. I can smell the rose extract but it is not too strong. It didn't smell like it is alcohol based. After washing my face I used two cotton balls and poured this toner to clean my face. It left no stain on my face even if it is light pink.

I read some blogger reviews that this is a moisturising toner. A blogger who had oily face was corrected by this toner.

I need to use it regularly to know the changes or effect on my face but after my first try I didn't have irritations or pimples.

Rating: 1-5, 5 as highest

Smell- 5
Effective cleaning - 4
Color - 5
Gentleness - 5
Over all - 4

In amazon the product description is as follows:
  • Damask rose water 90.89% (Grown in rose canyon in Bulgaria, a rose-growing district)
  • Soothing moisture toner in sweeping type that contains rose water 90.89% instead of water
  • Applies rose water extract method in low temperature and high pressure.
  • Minimizes transformation by heat after extracting in high pressure similar to 10,000m inside the sea in low temperature.
  • Rose in warm characteristic offers excellent moisture to dry skin by indoor heating.

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