Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#BROWN4good : Post a Photo for a Cause

Join the #BROWN4good Challenge and give to charity when you eat brown rice! 

Every time you eat brown rice, take a photo of your meal, and post it on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram with the hashtag #BROWN4good and official hashtag for your region, the Department of Agriculture will donate a cup of brown rice to charities in your region! 

Not only will you be doing good to your health, you'll also be helping out our farmers, our country, and the less fortunate! Join the #BROWN4good Challenge now and tag at least four friends to challenge them! 
Counting of hashtags for the the #BROWN4good Challenge started on August 28th and will conclude on December 5th, so don't delay! Post as much as you can!
*November is National Rice Awareness Month :)

 Are there any requirements or an age limit to join the #BROWN4good Challenge? 
 None! Anyone can join as long as they eat brown rice, take its photo, and post it on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram with the hashtag #BROWN4good and the official hashtag for your region. Tag at least four friends to challenge them, and let us know by tagging us!

I posted the same photo on Facebook, Twitter, AND Instagram. Is that okay?
Sure it is! Just don't post the same photo on the same platform, and don't forget to use the official hashtags and tag your friends!

 Can I be in the photo? 
 As long as the brown rice is also in it, yes.

 I don't want to set my account to Public. Can I still participate in the #BROWN4good Challenge?
 Unfortunately, we won't be able to count the hashtag if your account AND post privacy are not set to Public. If you don't want your account (e.g. Facebook) to be searchable/set to Public, you may set your other accounts (e.g. Twitter, Instagram) to public and join using those.

 What if my question isn't listed here?
 You can drop us a line through FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram or send us an email at!


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