Monday, September 5, 2016

7th Philippine Business & Entrepreneurs Expo

I was able to attend the first day of the expo. One of the goals of the expo is to promote small and micro enterprises as well as the homebased businesses.

Ms. Michelle Ballesteros of Ex-link events gave the opening remarks.

Mr. Ricky Allegre of Business Mirror tackled about "Role of Media in Preparation for the ASEAN Economic Community". He emphasized that Business Mirror has an ASEAN Section from Monday to Friday.

Mr. Willy Arcilla of the Wong+Bernstein Advisory Group discussed about "ASEAN Integration Overview: Are We Ready". He presented many statistics about poverty, education, unemployment in the Philippines showing that the Philippines is behind many countries. He emphasized that Philippines cannot produce, offer and trade a particular material thing while other ASEAN members can offer something i.e Malaysia and Singapore- Electronics, Thailand- vehicle and automotive, Vietname- textiles, apparels. Our country can offer labor or specializes in BPO industry. He also compared that other countries can feed their own people so encouraged businessmen to invest in Agriculture sector.

Below are pictures of some of the exhibitors during the expo

me at the Expo

Official media partner is Light Network Channel 33, "Magaan dito Kaibigan"

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