Monday, August 15, 2016

New Crispy Chicken Wasabi from Minute Burger

Minute Burger launched last 2 weeks ago a product that has a Japanese touch. They used wasabi as the highlight ingredient of their new burger.

The difference of their bread or bun with other brands is the oatmeal on top of the bread. The burger patty is really crispy and they use palm oil to fry the patty. Palm oil is better and healthier than ordinary cooking oil.

Bloggers had he chance to cook the burger. In less than ten minutes the burger is ready to serve. In my experience I find it hard to slice the bread without damaging it. Minute burger's chef helped me to slice it. I feel like if there would be real customers I will have the tendency to panic because the patty gets cooked easily.

The wasabi is just in mild flavor. It is not too spicy. It is very mild but you can still taste the wasabi flavor.

For only P58 you get two burgers already because Minute Burger is always on Buy 1 Get 1.

The video below demonstrates how to cook the Crispy Wasabi Burger.

Thank you very much to Minute Burger and Light Network for letting me experience how to cook a burger. Looking forward for more exciting burger flavors from Minute Burger.

Official media partner is Light Network Channel 33, "Magaan dito Kaibigan"

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