Saturday, July 9, 2016

Review: HP CP1025 Laser printer

Laser printers are faster in terms off printing time compared to Inkjet printers. One of the advantages of Inkjet printers it can be converted to CIS or Continuous Ink System. It is cost efficient because the inkjet refill is cheaper (about 75 to 110 pesos per bottle per color) than a laser toner refill (1,500 pesos per color) of a laser printer. However, Inkjet printed will smudge when water drops on the output while laser printed will not.

The printer is assembled in China. The printer is around 12,000 pesos.

You may HP CP1025 to a 220-240V outlet.

Some parts of the printer


It has 4 cartridges: 1) Black. Code: CE 310A, 2) Cyan/Blue. Code: CE311A, 3) Yellow. Code: 312A, 4) Magenta/Red. Code: 313A. A new cartridge is about (1800 to 2700 pesos per color). 

In the printer settings you should specify what type of paper and what size of paper otherwise it would not print.

To check what level is the toner per cartridge you have to go to the Services tab of the printer properties

Disadvantage is you still need to print the page rather than just viewing it. The pages indicated are not the actual pages you cant print when you print in full color. And if one cartridge is already very low it will not print anymore. You have to refill or replace the cartridge. 

There are tutorials in Youtube how to refill the toner but it is safer to ask a refilling station to do it for you since you might get cut by the blade plus there is a chip that should be replace. The chip serves as the memory storage of the printer or indicator how many pages left you cant print. Below is a tutorial I found in Youtube. 

How the paper gets printed:

How to remove the roller:
1. Pull upwards the white body tray.
2. Push down the 2 blue levers.
3. Pull downwards the roller case.
4. Check if the roller is clea.


If you want the color to be really captured then set the paper type to Bond or more lightweight ones but if your paper is glossy and there is no laser printer friendly indicated on the package the you need to set it to Glossy paper. The more heavyweight the paper type in the settings the darker is the color of the printout. When you have a heavyweight paper but you set the paper type to Bond or lighter ones then the ink will blot or smudge.

It is recommended to use papers that are indicated laser printer compatible. Paper brands I saw so far in the Philippines are Imari and Digital colour. If the paper is laser printer compatible no matter the weight is you can set it to Bond and it would still print with minimum to no blots.

I was printing on a Matte sticker paper about 90gsm. f I set the paper to Plain then there are a lot of blots or smudges but if I set it to bond paper or HPLaser 90gsm then it would print cleaner. Now I am not sure if the problem is the roller head alignment.

Quick fixes I do is to remove the cartridges from the printer then shake them and also remove the roller to see if it is clean.


Below is a video I made on how it prints, how to remove the roller and cartridges.

Other printing tip- If you cancel a command make sure you turn off the printer then on because it still print the canceled command.

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