Friday, July 22, 2016

Orahex Oral Rinse

Last week I had a wound on my tongue. I had a hard time to swallow and felt like my tonsils and right ear are feeling hurt because of it.

I do not use Bactidol as gargle solution because the sting doesn't get off easily and my mouth keeps salivating for hours. Also my throat gets more sore when I use it. The brand I am used to and my dentist recommended last few years was Orofar L but in Mercury drug it was out of stock. I remember my Chemist friend saying that Orahex worked well for her.

I purchased it in Mercury drug for P145. Which is almost same price with Orofar L.

It comes with a measuring cup.

The most useful ingredient is the Chlorhexidine Gluconate.

It is a blue liquid and tastes like gum. The directions stated gargle 10mL for 30 seconds. There is a very slight sting but it didn't last long. I just gargled once a day for two days and the wound on my tongue is gone. For me this is one of the best mouthwash solutions.

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