Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lactacyd White Intimate Review

To be beautiful you also need to be clean and hygienic. Lactacyd which is a trusted brand by women now has a feminine wash that has a natural whitening ingredient added. Latacyd White Intimate has marine-based Algowhite and plant-based Actipone-B which will lighten the skin within four weeks. It is dermatologically tested so it is safe to use. It also has special formulation of natural milk lactoserum and lactic acid that maintains pH balance.

I read the ingredients part and found out it has turnip and seaweed extract. Pachyrrhizus erosus (turnip) root extract softens and whitens the skin while Ascophyllum nodosum (seaweed) which soothes irritation and boosts circulation to aid cell renewal and the elimination of impurities.

It is a 2-in-1 product because you don't need to spend money to buy cream or gel to whiten your skin. It is more fragrant than the Lactacyd with pink packaging.

Thank you so much Sanofi for this amazing product. Check more info about this at

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