Saturday, June 25, 2016

UPLB Graduation Improvements (2016)

First of all Congratulations 2016 Graduates!

I am quite impressed with the improvements for the graduation ceremony.

Days before the Graduation (June 24, 2016 7am) I visited Freedom park and saw men putting up a "tent". I was shocked at how big the tent is. I remember back in 2009 when my mother graduated PhD the tents doesn't have a metal support like this. Some tents where circular so some graduates also got wet.

I heard last year the tent at the middle almost collapsed. Thank goodness no accident happened.

 According to rumors the structure was purchased by UPLB for 2 million pesos. Well not bad for a long term investment. I remember watching a graduation past few years where in the graduates where soaked in rain and then dried under the sun. I saw parents asking guards to give umbrellas to their children/graduates but some refused to give the umbrellas. And of course the professors and officials should not get wet.

And because the tent is costly, the grounds were also used for the hooding ceremony of the graduate school.

Below is a picture one day before the graduation the tent is almost finished. This is during the graduation practice.

I was not able to watch some of my Masters and BS graduates friends this morning because I attended an event. I want to congratulate them for finishing the years of hardships and challenges. Everything was worthwhile.

What made me happy is that the call time now for graduation is 6am. iwas heatstroke. Colleges provided food for their graduates. ^_^

My sister was able to pick roses that were left by graduates.

Hmmm  during my time there was no tent, no food, no roses/flowers and we were required to were a black toga unlike now that wearing Sablay is required. Not that I am bitter but somehow I wish things were also better during my time.

Student life is hard but going to a higher level like professional world is harder. There is less dependence on parents especially on finances. Also you will meet different people with different personalities. Application for a job can be tough due to higher educational level and working esperience of other applicants. and many more.. On a brighter note, I hope graduates will find a job or work that will enhance their skills, adversity quotient, etc or start their own business.

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