Saturday, June 11, 2016

LA Girl Lipstick

Last week it was my first time buy a lipstick from LA Girl. (B.T. LA Lipstick). It was also my first time buying a lip product that is more than P200. I was using a brand for many years now since it doesn't cause my lips to darken but the shade I want isn't available. I remember my friend told me that LA Girl Lipstick doesn't cause her lips to get darker so I decided to give it a try.

The Box/Packaging

The Case

The Ingredients

The shade I picked is Misty Pink.

I chose shade of pink since I really don't wear red lisptick. I want it for everyday use and not to get attraction from people.

I think the color suits me. The lipstick is not matte. It is a creamy lipstick.

It is long lasting because after I ate dinner there are still some color or stain left on my lips. It is mild to the lips. I didn't feel any tingly sensation when I wear it. It blends well and doesn't leave flakes or cake like appearance.


Long lasting 4.5
Coverage 4
Mositurising 4
Color 4.5
Consistency 5

Over all I really like it. I am curious to try the matte lipstick of LA Girl however it has higher price than this. I will still observe if it will not darken my lips.

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