Thursday, June 30, 2016

Is Facebook also getting your info?

The facebook account I use for my blog is locked. I tried to log in but they required me to upload a government ID. I had uploaded but no response from FB yet.

That account is connected to my former colleagues, workmates and students and blogger friends.

What for is the govt ID? Is it really security or they're getting people's info now.

Guys did you also experience this with Facebook?

They rejected my NBI clearance and TIN ID. hahaha They said they were not valid IDs. I researched about this. Since 2013 they are doing these to users, most comments were from America. I also read articles that FB admitted it was a glitch and apologized to users. Now I am finding an email of FB customer service if there is any.
case closed. :) I was able to retrieve my fb account. I re-uploaded my IDs. I replied to them saying it seems like they are now getting people's info and violating privacy.

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